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Parm Strong Fitness is not your ordinary group exercise program. We place a huge emphasis on the frame. Our purpose is to activate and stabilize your core and joints, increase flexibility, improve balance and posture, and eliminate muscle imbalance and pain. Our belief is that it not only takes exercise, but the correct exercise to truly become a better functioning individual.

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Our Program

Core Training

The meat of the program. This class focuses on strengthening, flexibility and stability of the core. It includes exercises involving the hips, back, abdominals, obliques, and glutes. These classes are good for beginners, intermediate and advanced level clients

Joint Stability

Emphasis on eccentric and isometric movements will not only allow your muscles to build strength, but will also allow your tendons around the joints to strengthen, creating more stability.


Increase your flexibility with dynamic and static stretching of typically over-tight muscles.

Pain Management

Using a combination of muscle release techniques and strengthening exercises this program will help manage or eliminate chronic pain

strength training


Proper movement patterns are worked on through the use of the core, joint, flexibility and balance techniques.


Static and dynamic balance exercises to help fine tune the smaller deeper muscles. This will help your proprioception and reduce your chances of slip and falls.

Who It can benefit


Avid Runners

People with postural dysfunction

People recovering from injury

Those with Chronic Pain or Tension

People Returning to Exercise

Our Services

Group Exercise---All Classes Begin With Foam Rolling,
Stretching And Active Warmup

per month

for 2 people

for 3 people

Group Exercise + Massage Packages


Group Exercise +
1 60 Min Massage


Group Exercise +
2 60 Min Massages


Group Exercise +
1 30 Min Massage


Group Exercise +
2 30 Min Massages


Group Exercise +
4 30 Min Massages